July 2019 Runway Trend Bite to Inspire Outdoor and Snowsports

Below is a continued look at the 2019 Winter Runway Shows and some trends that relate to Outdoor & Snowsports. There are too many trends for one post, so I selected a few and will send more next months. Some are low hanging fruit, others are more targeted. I don't focus on specific designers and, instead, look for where I see trends emerging no matter how big or small the design house. I hope you enjoy and let me know any comments. I wish you happy designing!


July 2019 Neck Interest Trend.jpg

Exaggerated Protection has been a growing trend for several seasons. Nobody does it better than Vollebak. Runway has picked up on it as well. Will be interested to see how the Exaggerated Protection trend emerges at OR and ISPO in 2020!


July 2019 Trend.jpg

Seen on Street for several seasons, The Knit Fingerless Long Glove hit runway for the fall in both M's and W's. Neck Warmers and Leg Warmers have joined the trend as well. Fun to think about technical seamless versions. Or a commute long glove for ride that fits over shorter bike gloves? Hmmm


July 2019 Color Trend.jpg

Periwinkle is coming. You may already have it in your up coming Pallets. You're so on it! Love it anchored with Deep Navy. Runway loves it too.

Hope there is something here for you.

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